Our Business Story

We started AT Brothers from 2017 in order to serve customers with necessary products with high quality.  We are two brothers committed to provide customers a well deserved convenient service. One of the AT Brothers, Tika Bhurtel was rewarded with “IGA National Store of the Year award” for his service.

Our Goal:  The goal was (and still is) to provide a convenient service to the customers with high quality products. Our mission is to provide customers the ability to access the freshest items available at a fair price.

We’ve spent the past few years building a business and service that we love.  Our one of the popular store ‘IGA X-press Adelaide street’ situated in the Heart of Brisbane City serves the customers till 10 PM. Our second store in West Lake ‘ IGA X-press West Lake’ was added to our service in 2019. Service that makes the safest, most environmentally and ethically responsible decisions while still focusing on freshness and, most importantly, taste and quality.

Also, a service that’s as convenient and as easy as possible for our customers.

AT Brothers

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